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Why list with us ?

Owning a house should be an experience, not a hassle.

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Monetize your home

The second home market is booming in a country like India. Yet people aren’t taking enough holidays. So what happens when you buy a home but aren’t occupying it most of the time?

  • It lies idle or gets on rent. And let’s not talk about the perils of renting in a city that you don’t reside in.
  • Hireavilla steps in as your partner to monetize the property when you’re not occupying it.
  • So, right from an income draining asset, your home becomes an income-generating asset!
Have your home taken care of by us

Living in another city with the constant worry of what is happening to your home?

  • Hireavilla steps in as your property management & maintenance partner and upkeeps by following up on day-to-day maintenance and keeping your home just the way you’d want!
  • Right from scheduling periodic maintenance to keeping a check on all consumables, we take care of each and every thing
Verified Guests only!

Although houses are laid with bricks, homes are made with love. We make sure that each guest that occupies your home during their holiday is vetted and follow a strict check-in policy to keep a track for every reservation.

Our Homeowners

Listing with Hireavilla has been a great decision for me. I don’t reside in India and only visit once or twice a year and every time I visited, all I was busy in was repairing things and calling the maintenance guys. After a bit of hesitation, I decided to list and I have to say, it feels so good to see my home pay itself for the repairs and also prove to be another source of income for me.

- Anish Malhotra, Owner of Cliffhouse