Terms & Conditions

Hireavilla Hospitality Pvt Ltd Only acts as an agent / facilitator for arranging Rental for Client from Owner and acts as collecting agent of Owner for collecting Rental / Deposits etc. related to Rental from Client on behalf of Owner. Hireavilla only collects their brokerage / service charge for arranging Rental from Client and collects their service charge / commission / brokerage from Client. As such, Hireavilla accepts no responsibility for provision of accommodation or quality of accommodation provided or other services provided by relevant Owner. Any issues related to Property faced by Client after Starting Rental should be reported to local representative of Owner. Client may also contact Hireavilla to facilitate and help resolution of issues faced by them during office hours or through E Mail.

We or the property owner are in no way responsible for any failure or falling short of utilities like power or water supply or any acts of nature or major mechanical or electrical issues that would affect your living at the property. No refunds will be provided for the same.

Guests can use all amenities and facilities in and around the property but at their own responsibility. If any damage is done to the property or the amenities then the guest is liable to pay for it.

In case of cancellation made during the below mentioned period before the check in by the Guests, the following amount shall be deducted from the total Booking Amount:
a) Cancellation more than 60 days prior to the check in date - 75% refund to the customer
b) Cancellation between 30-60 days prior to the check in date - 40% refund to the customer
c) Cancellation within 30 days of the check in date - No refund to the customer

Incase of cancellations/ modifications for any reason, clients must communicate through the means of email, only then the cancellation would be considered.

All the prices displayed on our website attract 18 % GST.

If you face any problems related to the property after check-in,then please report it it to the local representative of the property owner.

Right of admission is absolutely reserved by the property owner. Number of occupants are to be strictly followed.

Security deposit will be collected at the time of check in and refunded 72 hours after check out. Guests should make sure that there is no damage caused to the property or the amenities/appliances provided. If in case of damage caused, the amount deposited would be deducted for the same.

Guests shall not cause any nuisance to the neighbours. Use of loud music near the pool is prohibited after 10 pm. Smoking and Consumption/ possession of drugs is strictly prohibited. If drugs are found, the stay will be terminated and a police complaint will be lodged against the guests.

Contaminating the pool in any way possible would result to a minimum fine of INR 15,000.

House parties, receptions, birthday parties and any such events which are not pre mentioned will be fined. Alcohol consumption is permitted, but the person should be above the age of 25.

Pets will be allowed with prior permission and pet fees will be charged. The responsibility of the pet is of the personal and the guest should make sure that the property is not spoilt by the pet. Any damage caused by the pet will be charged accordingly.

Standard check in time is 1:00 pm and check out time is 11:00 am unless confirmed earlier. Incase guest do not follow the above check out timings, then additional fine may be applicable as per Hireavilla terms. If check out is delayed,
a) Fine of INR 4,000 for 2 hours.
b) Fine of INR 10,000 for 5 hours.
c) Fine of 1 day’s payment for 6 hours and above.

No refunds will be made for any damages done to your personal appliances due to voltage fluctuations.

The property owners and other suppliers providing travel or other services in connection with the site are independent contractors and not agents or employees of hireavilla. Hireavilla and its affiliates are not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of any such suppliers or for any personal injuries, death, property damage, or other damages or expenses resulting there from.