Introducing Home360 - Our turn key property management solution for Homeowners & Developers.

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We understand..

Vacations are crucial for the souls and when that experience doesn’t go as planned, you can’t get that time back.

One of the most significant parts of buying a vacation home is its upkeep and maintenance in the absence of homeowners. Getting a home is an emotional decision but the reality of homeownership is riddled with friction.

And we make it easy..

Homeowners spend a huge amount of time dealing with the hassles of general property management - fragmented suppliers and vendors, lack of planning and tracking, lack of time to negotiate and monitor capital projects, and having to jump-start their property each time they want to visit. All this costs money and energy and often leads to a disconnect between the experience a homeowner wants from their home and what their experience actually is.

For the homeowners living in another city with the constant worry of what is happening to their home, we’ve introduced Home360.

Home360 is a Turnkey Property Management Solution for Vacation homes!

Property management is a highly cumbersome process for homeowners who are living away from their vacation home. This is where Hireavilla walks in to simplify not only the entire maintenance of your property but also owners' stay experience through its home-crafted hospitality.

Our professionals’ team from across the country ensures to combine all the essential services you require to upkeep your vacation home and we fulfill our word of honor that you have a great vacation experience with us.

We ensure turnkey 360-degree property management for your project. Be it the technical maintenance team, the reliable housekeeping staff and security, the upkeep of the building and your home, the organizing of resources, transportation, and special activities. At Hireavilla, we help developers deliver a holistic experience and not just a piece of property.

Home360 consists of 2 services for your vacation home

1 Property Management Services

2Facility Management Services

Property Management

Home360 combines all the essential services you require to upkeep your vacation home so as to have a great vacation experience at a single subscription based cost. Our team of in-house property managers will ensure best in class care of your premium property and ensure soulful hospitality services.

Housekeeping and staff management

Well trained staff with home crafted hospitality

Upkeep, maintenance and utility services

Garden maintenance, pool maintenance and other upkeep

Vendor management and payments

Repair, Replacement and coordination of work

Stay experience managed by our concierge

Airport transfers, self drive car, cook on call, private party at your villa

Rental revenue management and overview (Optional)

Monetizing your villa in the idle time, to eliminate maintenance cost & earn extra income

To know more about our property management services, please download the PDF.

Facility Management

For a vacation homeowner, the security and maintenance of the property are extremely important. Facility360 is the combination of essential services you require to upkeep your facility premises in a gated community at a single subscription-based cost.

With the universally increasing demands for Facility Management, Hireavilla is confident that our capability to deliver all or the most of the service offerings through our professional staff is critical for fixing the quality, standards, and efficiency of the solutions.

Facility Cleaning, Disinfecting & Surveillance

Well trained cleaning staff and security personnel

Stay Experience Managed by our Concierge

Airport transfer, Self-drive car, cook on call etc.

Upkeep, Maintenance and Utility Services

Garden maintenance, pool maintenance, waste management, repair, replacement and other upkeep.

Community Experience

Digital notice board, community forums, Digitized visitor entry etc.

To know more about our facility management services, please download the PDF.